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Hannu Lappalainen

Management Consultant, Business CoachM.Sc. (Eng), Helsinki University of TechnologyCBC Certified Business Coach, Business Coaching InstituteLicensed NLP Master Practioner, the Society of Neuro-Linguistic ProgrammingCertified Scope Manager, ECQAChairman of Scope Manager Forum, Finnish Software Measurement Association


Quite many assignments, in which I have worked with my customers, have been about leading projects, solving ICT related issues and digitalizing business services. I have been developing enterprise architecture, acquiring software applications and developing business productivity. Increasing the efficiency of software development has led me to analyzing productivity in quantified terms. Taking the action needed to improve your business and leading it to the desired direction with metrics is much easier than without it.

People are the most important factor in productivity, beside all the methods, tools and processes. Improving the team interaction and focus has become more important. This has led in including coaching, mentoring and training in my skill set.

My strengths are in developing and improving the quality and performance of your customer delivery. I prefer to measure the improvement, which will potentially lead into a success.