IT Business Development

Utilizing Business Data

For decision making we need information on various, sometimes rather complex matters. Albitech helps you with getting the data from databases and refining it into reports and dashboards. We help also in improving your data platform, if needed, to create more managed data spaces for gaining the actionable insights or discoveries. We are able to support your business intelligence by:

  • data visualizations
  • predictive analytics
  • applied machine learning models.

In more technical role we also help our clients in:

  • further developing the data platform for business intelligence and analytics
  • data modeling
  • design and implementation of databases and data warehouses
  • integrating the data sources into a fluent data flow.

Supporting Program Management

Increased Productivity with Program Management

The key component to realizing business value from business change involved in IT enabled investments is the business case. As it guides to do the right things effectively, the other key from productivity point of view is efficiency of the implementation programme. The third key is then to realize the business outcomes with improved operational and technical capabilities.


Better Decisions by Reducing Uncertainty

The business case analysis will tell us, what is valuable or beneficial for the sponsor. A thorough business case will include will give answers to decision makers’ questions like:

What should happen, if we go with it?
How the investment will support our strategy?
What kinds of risks are involved?
Are we able to realize the expected benefits in our operations?
How we will measure and follow up the realization of benefits?

Measure the Output  to Benchmark Your Projects

Efficiency in development programs comes with the quality. Our progress reporting practice, which is based on amount of functionality implemented, leaving no room for delivery excuses in the project progress reports. We use FiSMA’s northernSCOPE™ concept and other related FiSMA methods.

If you don’t know yet, how your projects are performing in software development, we are able to benchmark the efficiency, e.g. using indicators like delivery efficiency (cost or hours per function points) and speed of delivery (amount of functionality per month).


Albitech is a member of Atrain consortium.Hannu Lappalainen acts in FiSMA as the chairman of Scope Manager Forumin (Finnish Software Measurement Association ry). FiSMA is for ”Better management” and the Scope Manager Forum for ”Better understanding”.